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20th April 2016

Quote: "To be next to that kind of powerhouse of a player, I always joke like it was being next to Zeus. He just dug into the songs, and he has such power and is so dynamic." Actress and rocker Juliette Lewis enjoyed working with Dave Grohl on Juliette and the Licks' 2006 album Four on the Floor.

21st December 2014

Quote: "Happy Birthday to my old friend, who taught me so much as a wee youngster... and shaped a lot of my musical taste early on. I first heard the Pixies, John Lee Hooker, Greg Allman, Nina Simone because of Bp. He's always been somewhat of a 'dignified rebel'..." Actress Juliette Lewis posted a tribute to ex-boyfriend Brad Pitt on Instagram.com to mark his 51st birthday on Thursday (18Dec14).

20th May 2014

Fact: Actress/rocker Juliette Lewis has joined the cast of the live-action update of 1980s cartoon Jem And The Holograms. Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun and director Jon M. Chu are behind the adaptation.

8th April 2014

Fact: Actress and singer Juliette Lewis has recorded vocals for Josh Homme's band Eagles of Death Metal. Singer Jesse Hughes took to his Instagram.com account to share pictures of Lewis in the studio, writing, "The great and wonderful Juliette Lewis is an Eagle of Death Metal, fo (for) real."

19th December 2013

Fact: Actress/rocker Juliette Lewis is working on new music with indie rockers Cage The Elephant.

13th January 2012

Quote: "He's a mad genius... He would blow me away because he could remember three pages of dialogue on, like, no sleep... and just show up. He's just otherworldly." Juliette Lewis on her Due Date co-star Robert Downey, Jr.

6th January 2012

Quote: "We did not gossip. We're grown women. We just worked and hung-out... You don't usually gossip about things meaningful." Actress/rocker Juliette Lewis on bonding with her The Switch co-star and producer Jennifer Aniston without talking about their shared affection for Brad Pitt. Lewis was engaged to the actor before he wed Aniston.

5th January 2012

Quote: "She smells wonderful... She has her own Jennifer Aniston scent. It's beautiful." Actress Juliette Lewis on her The Switch co-star and producer Jennifer Aniston.

12th October 2011

Tweet: "I wanna be Paul Stanley for Halloween. I should prefice that, With Make Up lol #Kiss best Halloween costumes ever. Which one would u be?" Actress/singer Juliette Lewis is planning to rock out as the Kiss star for Halloween (31Oct11).

13th September 2011

Fact: Actress/rocker Juliette Lewis is producing a documentary about her own music career. The untitled film will chronicle the Natural Born Killers star's two bands, Juliette and the Licks and The New Romantiques.

24th July 2011

Tweet: "I just bought the new @Kreayshawn single off Itunes. Its (sic) so punchy, fun bada**. Cant (sic) wait to blast it in my car right now...." Rocker/actress Juliette Lewis is a big fan of up-and-coming female rapper Kreayshawn and her song Gucci Gucci.

22nd June 2011

Tweet: "Thank u (you) all so much for all my happy birthdays and sweet comments. I feel lovlier (sic) than lovely cuz of u (you). The sweetest of dreams to U (you) and Urs (yours)." Juliette Lewis was overwhelmed with best wishes on her 38th birthday on Tuesday (21Jun11).

22nd February 2011

Tweet: "Note to guy who feels the need to tell me 'I'm really a nice guy'. I didn't think u were NOT a nice guy until u kept telling me u really are." Juliette Lewis gives her potential suitors a tip on how to approach her.

31st January 2011

Fact: Juliette Lewis is a fan of soccer - the actress/singer attended a game between English teams Arsenal and Huddersfield on Sunday (30Jan11) during a trip to the U.K.

31st January 2011

Tweet: "How am I contemplating having a cocktail in the Virgin lounge at 9:30am? Have I been brainwashed by the 'highlife'?" Actress/singer Juliette Lewis shows her rock 'n' roll credentials by considering a early morning drink at the airport.

16th December 2010

Quote: "Bob Dylan recognised me in an elevator once. I almost couldn't breathe or speak." Actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis was starstruck after meeting the music legend.

27th October 2010

Quote: "When I'm onstage I think I'm a superhero... That gymnastics I took when I was, like, nine - that realy worked out." Actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis on putting on wild, backbending stage shows.

6th October 2010

Quote: "I haven't had drugs since I was 22. When I look back on that period, it's like looking at your life before you were potty trained." Singer/actress Juliette Lewis insists her drug using days are long gone.

5th October 2010

Quote: “I bought it for the last person I fell in love with and was gonna give it to him. You know the symbolism, key to my heart, whatever. He did not deserve the key. I will wear it until someone should have it.” Actress-turned-punk rocker Juliette Lewis explains the meaning behind the antique key she wears around her neck.

30th September 2010

Quote: "It was the first time I got to age myself. She has jacked teeth from drinking and smoking and this choppy wig, I want people to sense her energy so much that they can smell her. She probably didn't smell good." Actress/rocker Juliette Lewis on playing old and ugly in hard-hitting new drama Conviction.

19th August 2010

Quote: "I decided to go back to my natural colour." Actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis jokes about her decision to dye her hair blue.

18th August 2010

Quote: "This is the way of rock 'n' roll. I'm not like the Killers or Kings of Leon, so we're showering in the back of the venue... and my guitar player's like, 'Bring your flip-flops to the shower!'" Actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis insists life on the road is a filthy business.

23rd November 2009

Quote: "Certain friends call me Jules from time to time. Never Julie - that does not seem fitting." Actress/rocker Juliette Lewis isn't fond of nicknames.

22nd October 2009

Quote: "I equate fame with being a big, blue alien. Some people are like, 'Look at the blue alien, she's so cute!' and other people are like, 'Oh my God, don't talk to the blue alien!' And at the end of the day, however they treat you, you are still a big, blue alien." Movie star-turned-punk icon Juliette Lewis on learning to deal with stardom.

7th October 2009

Fact: Movie star-turned-punk icon Juliette Lewis has a photograph of Clint Eastwood kissing her as a child in her wallet. The actor planted a smooch on the youngster's cheek when she visited the set of Any Which Way You Can in the late 1970s. Lewis' father, Geoffrey, was Eastwood's co-star in the film.

8th September 2009

Quote: "I'm fearless. Starting a rock band at age 30, that could be called crazy to some. But skydiving, and riding with dolphins, I'm not (into)." Eccentric actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis has limits to her daring behaviour.

1st September 2009

Quote: "I know because of Natural Born Killers people think I'm all scary and stuff, but it's really hard for me to be a bully." Actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis insists the hard-core reputation she's earned since playing a travelling serial killer in the 1994 film is undeserved.

5th August 2009

Quote: "I wasn't cut out to be a debutante." Actress/rocker Juliette Lewis admits she lacks the finesse of other Hollywood stars.

2nd August 2009

Quote: "Acting is me, but music is even more me. It's everything. It's the bitch's brew. It's my past self, present and future, and then my imagination. Being an actor is like being a bass player, one of the component parts to the collective whole." Natural Born Killers star {Juliette Lewis] explains why she prefers music to movies.

8th July 2008

Fact: Actress-turned-punk icon Juliette Lewis will return to the big screen for the first time in three years when she stars in Drew Barrymore's feature film directorial debut, WHIP IT!, as roller derby star DINAH MIGHT.

9th April 2008

Quote: "I'm sort of what I was as a 10-year-old, I just have access to better clothes, I guess." Actress-turned-punk icon Juliette Lewis on her stage outfits.

3rd October 2007

Quote: "I was appalled, like, 'Oh my God, what have I done...?' I wanted to mother them and put a cloth over them." Punk star Juliette Lewis was stunned when a front row full of female fans flashed their breasts at her during a recent JULIETTE + THE LICKS concert in Finland.

27th March 2007

Fact: Natural Born Killers star-turned-punk princess Juliette Lewis paid tribute to new Rock + Roll Hall of Fame inductees Van Halen last night (26MAR07) when she performed the group's AIN'T TALKIN' 'BOUT LOVE with 80s rock covers band METAL SKOOL at Los Angeles' Key Club.

24th October 2006

Fact: Veteran character actor Geoffrey Lewis, father of actress-turned-punk rocker Juliette Lewis, has signed up to narrate a series of western audio books, written by Scientology founder L RON HUBBARD.

8th September 2006

Quote: "(I'm a) big believer in foreplay. That's where I believe the action is and the other part is just the punctuation mark." Juliette Lewis on her sexual preferences.

4th October 2005

Fact: <p>Juliette Lewis and former LIBERTINES star Carl Barat have signed up as the new faces of designer J LINDEBERG's punky fashions. </p>

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