The singer has recorded a selection of his favourite Mexican standards for Mexico, his first new project since 2006's Romantic Classics collection and his first Spanish-language album in 12 years.

He unveiled the album at a press conference in Mexico City on Wednesday (23Sep15), when he was serenaded by a mariachi band in honour of his 72nd birthday, but the occasion wasn't all joyful - Iglesias announced he has no plans to head back into the studio ever again, because recording album tracks is such a time-consuming process.

Enrique Iglesias' dad explained, "It is the last album I will record in a studio in my life. My retirement from the studio is merely because I don't have a year and a half to spend in a studio, as the albums I do are long."

However, the veteran star assured fans he will continue performing live for as long as possible, adding, "I will not retire until I am forced out by life or the people. I want to sing until I'm 150 years old."

Julio has sold over 300 million albums worldwide throughout his five decade-long career, and in 2013, he was named the Best-Selling Male Latin Artist ever by Guinness World Record officials.