Enrique's dad has recorded a love letter to Mexico by covering a selection of the country's most beloved standards, with his interpretation of Cuco Sanchez's Fallaste Corazon (You Failed, Dear) serving as the project's first single.

In a statement, he writes, "Mexico is a country that I love dearly. The Mexican people have given me many indelible moments in my life. I know this country as if it was my homeland, and I always carry it in my soul.

"This record is dedicated to the outstanding composers who, generation after generation, filled our lives with love, nostalgia, memories and moments. After all these years, they remain alive in our souls."

Mexico - Julio Iglesias, which will hit retailers in September (15), is the 71 year old's first album since his Romantic Classics collection in 2006, and his first Spanish-language release since 2003's Divorcio.