The bright lights of Hollywood and the awards that come with it can warp good people into wild-child tearaways with no grip on reality or morality. Just look at Lindsay Lohan. Just kidding, she's never won any awards, has she?

For Juno Temple - recent nominee for BAFTA's rising star award - this is a plight she's not willing to surrender to. "I'm not a Barbie doll and I never will be. I'm not really into that scene, I've partied in LA but it's not really my thing at all,' she told Metro. "I'd much rather go to dinner and a dive bar to be honest, that's more my vibe. And honestly I don't really want to be someone like that." Juno is one of a quintet of nominees, comprising four females and one male; a stark comparison to last years award which was dominated by males. "I look up to people like Cate Blanchett, 43, and Michelle Williams, 32, and you don't know anything about them apart from what movies they've got coming out and I love that," she explained. "That's what it used to be like with all the amazing greats like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and all these people. You knew them as the person on screen and you didn't know their private life."

Also nominated for the gong to be announced at the Baftas on February 10, were US star Elizabeth Olsen, Indian star Suraj Sharma, 19, Swedish star Alicia Vikander, 24, and 31-year-old Brit star Andrea Riseborough.