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Jurassic Park (1993)
'Jurassic Park' is both a commercially and critically successfully science fiction film about dinosaurs directed by Steven Spielberg.

Jurassic Park: Synopsis
Jurassic Park is a theme park on the small island of Isla Nublar and is filled with dinosaur clones. It isn't long before a worker there is killed and investors are forced to journey to the site to assess the dangers there. Among those surveying the potential threats are the park's owner John Hammond, (Richard Attenborough), his lawyer Donald Gennaro, paleontologist Alan Grant (Sam Neil), Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) and mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). John Hammond's two grandchildren Lex and Tim (Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello) soon join the party. The group learn the science behind the genetic modification of the dinosaurs before setting out on their tour of the island. When a storm approaches, most visitors and workers set to out to leave the island, apart from computer programmer Dennis Nedry who, it turns out, is attempting to steal embryos from the lab for a rival company. When he turns off the security system, the electric fences for the dinosaurs are rendered useless and a T-Rex escapes, later killing Gennaro and injuring Malcolm. The team manage to re-start the system but are forced to shut it down further, releasing some velociraptors which kill park warden Robert Muldoon (Bob Peck). After discovering that the creatures have been managing to breed despite biologists making precautions, the group manage to escape on a helicopter.

Jurassic Park: Cast and Crew
'Jurassic Park' was directed by Stephen Spielberg ('E.T.', 'Saving Private Ryan', 'Schindler's List') with a screenplay adapted from Michael Crichton's 1990 novel by David Koepp.
Spielberg and Universal Studios won the rights for the film for $1.5 million before the book was even first published.
The movie was filmed in California and Hawaii and computer-generated imagery was used alongside Stan Winston's animatronic dinosaurs to create the colossal creatures.
The soundtrack was composed by the legendary John Williams, famous for his work on a variety of Hollywood blockbusters including 'Jaws', 'Star Wars', 'Superman', 'Indiana Jones', 'Home Alone' and 'Harry Potter'.
Among the film's stellar cast was Richard Attenborough ('Ghandi'), Jeff Goldblum ('The Fly'), Samuel L. Jackson ('Pulp Fiction'), Sam Neill ('The Piano'), Laura Dern ('Rambling Rose') and Bob Peck ('Edge of Darkness').

Jurassic Park: Success
Jurassic Park had numerous award nominations and won a BAFTA for Best Special Effects and three Academy Awards for sound and visual effects.
The film initially grossed $900 million worldwide, while the 2013 20th anniversary re-release pushed it up to the $1 billion mark.

Jurassic Park: Sequels
'The Lost World: Jurassic Park' was the first sequel to the film and featured cast additions such as Julianne Moore, Vince Vaughn and Pete Postlethwaite. Number three came in the form of 'Jurassic Park III' which was this time directed by Joe Johnston and number four, 'Jurassic World', will be released in 2015 starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson. The latter will be directed by Colin Trevorrow.

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'Jurassic World' Sequel Inspired By 'Jurassic Park' Quotations, Director Colin Trevorrow Reveals

Jurassic Park Chris Pratt Jeff Goldblum Sam Neill

Colin Trevorrow, the director and co-writer of the summer blockbuster Jurassic World, shared the inspiration for the film’s sequel in a recent podcast. 39-year-old Trevorrow is currently co-writing (along with Derek Connolly) and producing the sequel to Jurassic World. A quotation by Jeff Goldblum’s character, Ian Malcolm, from the 1993 film Jurassic Park is where Trevorrow’s inspiration came from.

Colin TrevorrowColin Trevorrow at the L.A. premiere of Jurassic World in June 2015.

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Chris Pratt Describes How He Felt Being Overweight: “Impotent, Fatigued & Emotionally Depressed”

Chris Pratt Jurassic Park

Chris Pratt, in a recent interview, explained how he felt about being overweight and how he became determined to make a change. The 35-year-old actor has undergone an incredible physical transformation over the past two years. He was well known for his role in Parks and Recreation as the loveable – and slightly overweight – Andy but he was considerably trimmer for his starring role in Guardians of the Galaxy, which was filmed two years ago. He looks even physically fitter in the trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World.

Chris PrattChris Pratt has slimmed down over the past few years.

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Chris Pratt Gushes Over His Wife Anna Faris: "We Are Meant To Be Together"

Chris Pratt Anna Faris Bryce Dallas Howard Jake M. Johnson Nick Robinson Vincent D'Onofrio Irrfan Khan Jurassic Park Steven Spielberg Richard Attenborough

Chris Pratt couldn't help but tell the world how wonderful his relationship with his wife, actress Anna Faris, is and said they "are meant to be together". The couple have been together since 2007 and married two years later. Pratt was being questioned by fans on Reddit when he was asked how he met Faris and what she is like as a wife and mother - the couple have a son together, Jack, born in 2012.

Chris PrattChris Pratt raved about his wife, Anna Faris, in a recent AMA.

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"They're Dinosaurs; Wow Enough": Second 'Jurassic World' Trailer Revealed

Chris Pratt Jurassic Park

Topping off what’s been an awesome seven days for new movie trailers, the second teaser for the forthcoming Jurassic World has been released. A two and a half minute trailer was uploaded to YouTube on Monday morning (April 20th).

Solving the potential problem of how to make something more impressive than a Tyrannosaurus Rex on a cinema screen, the trailer gives us a first look at an even bigger, deadlier beast – the Indominus Rex. Created in a laboratory at the behest of a company to boost the theme park’s attendances… well, you know what’s gonna go wrong there.

Jurassic World Posters'Jurassic World' Posters

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'Jurassic World' Director Responds To Nervy Fans After Trailer Hits

Chris Pratt Jurassic Park

Colin Trevorrow, the director of the Jurassic Park, has taken to Twitter to respond to some fan's criticism of the first trailer for the dinosaur movie. The first full-length trailer for the new film was released on Tuesday to near universal acclaim, though some hardcore fans of the original film had some picky issues.

Chris PrattChris Pratt as Owen in Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World

One fan complained that the "gate" to the Jurassic World was "ugly" and less realistic then it should have been. Tweeting to Trevorrow, the fan said: "will the JW gate in the movie be CGI or practical? Everything was so seamless in the original."

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Dinosaurs. Chris Pratt. The "Jurassic World" Teaser Is Out. DINOSAURS.

Chris Pratt Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs! DINOSAAAUUUURS. Yes, the new teaser for Jurassic World probably contained some plot somewhere in there, but  who cares about that when you have a heard of majestic raptors running across the screen?

Chris Pratt
Also, Chris Pratt is pretty majestic himself.

There’s also Chris Pratt’s shocked face, which makes things ten times as majestim IMHO, but that’s another story. The trailer also stars some gates, vaguely evocative of the 1993 original and of course that theme song.

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'Jurassic World' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know, So Far

Jurassic Park Chris Pratt Steven Spielberg Joe Johnston Bryce Dallas Howard

Due for release a whopping fourteen years after its predecessor, the unveiling of the hugely anticipated Jurassic World is finally within our grasp. Overcoming what has been described as a decade of “production hell”, the fourth film in the gargantuan Hollywood blockbuster franchise had until recently managed to keep many of its details under wraps. Yet, as is increasingly common in Hollywood, such attempts were ultimately futile as finer details of the plot were leaked onto various websites.

Jurassic World

Such an act has fervently infuriated director Colin Trevorrow, who follows the lineage of both Joe Johnston and the legendary Steven Spielberg in helming the extensive filming and production schedule. The up-and-coming San Franciscan director, whose previous movie credits include only the TV-movie Gary: In Crisis and the low budget time travel adventure Safety Not Guaranteed, has had a sharp introduction to the prying eyes of the Hollywood press. His obvious dismay that elements of the film are known to the public a year before its scheduled release is perfectly understandable. 

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The Dinos Are Back: 'Jurassic World' Will Hit Theatres June 2015

Steven Spielberg Richard Attenborough Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park

Jurassic World will bring back dinosaurs to the big screen as the guys behind Jurassic Park have come back for a fourth time to release the exciting follow-up to 2001's Jurassic Park 3. The film has been given the official release date of June 12, 2015.

Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg will be returning to produce the film

As the Hollywood Reporter initially reported, Steven Spielberg, who produced and directed the first two films of the dino-resurrecting film, will be returning to only produce this time, alongside Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley. Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) has been handed the reins to direct and will be working from a script drafted by Derek Connolly and re-worked on by himself.

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Is Colin Trevorrow's 'Jurassic Park 4' Facing Extinction?

Jurassic Park Steven Spielberg

Aw, just when Jurassic Park 4 was shaping up to be something potentially interesting, it's been chopped down. As you'll know by now, the movie was left in the capable hands of Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow with a June 13, 2014 release date announced, however, that always seemed ambitious. There was no cast in place, lots of CGI to develop and no filming locations confirmed.

Now, according to Deadline.com, Trevorrow will have plenty more time to work on the movie given Universal have delayed the film's release "in coordination with the filmmakers." It's a little worrying that there's been no later release date announced but the speculation suggests the project definitely isn't dead. The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit tweeted that after receiving the first draft two days ago, Universal were presented with a film "way more epic and ambitious than they were prepared for."

Universal don't need us to tell them to stay way clear of summer 2015, given The Avengers 2, Star Wars Episode VII and the new Fantastic Four movie all pencilled in for those couple of months. Add a potential Justice League movie to that mix and Jurassic Park 4 finishes behind all four movies. It almost always spells disaster when movies are pushed back though with Trevorrow still at the helm, there could be something to stick with here.

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Steven Spielberg Wept At 'Revenge Of The Sith' Ending

Steven Spielberg George Lucas Star Wars Ewan McGregor Samuel L Jackson Jurassic Park Natalie Portman Hayden Christensen Christopher Lee

Movies can affect different people in different ways. Sometimes, even established and respected filmmakers have to appreciate the marvel of particular films. Two-time Academy Award-wining director  wept at a premiere of his collaborator George Lucas' sixth and final 'Star Wars' movie 'Revenge Of The Sith'; the third part of the prequel trilogy which began in 1999 with 'The Phantom Menace'. 

Steven Spielberg cried at the end of 'Revenge of the Sith'
Steven Spielberg cried at the end of 'Revenge of the Sith'

The film stars Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee, and long-time 'Star Wars' actor Anthony Daniels as C-3PO. The 'Jurassic Park', 'Jaws' and 'Schindler's List' film-maker, Spielberg was so moved by the eagerly-awaited conclusion of the sci-fi saga, he burst into tears at its screening in April 2005. 

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