Review of Embers Single by Just Jack

Review of Just Jack's single 'Embers' released through Mercury records on 30th March 2009.

Just Jack Embers Single

Following critical acclaim for his second album, Overtones (which gave us the hit single Starz In Their Eyes) Just Jack returns with Embers, the debut single from his upcoming third album, All Night Cinema.

It has all the characteristics of a Just Jack tune; the pop hip-hop beat throughout, interspersed with catchy melodies and Jack's 'ordinary London lad' vocals. Embers is a little darker than his usual offering, singing about insignificance with 'the petty decisions that we think make a difference, so tiny that they blow away like dust' and reminding us 'we are all embers from the same fire'.

And Embers is a real grower. The layered, looping vocals and the string arrangements mean the song has a certain hypnotic quality to it. If Embers is an indication of what is to come on Just Jack's forthcoming album, no doubt it will follow in the successful footsteps of Overtones.

Rating: 7/10

Robyn Burrows

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