When 20.05.2013

Justin Bartha and Heather Graham discuss working on their new movie 'The Hangover Part III', talking about Heather's character's return, trying not to laugh and why the crazy characters are so relatable to audiences.

'[Todd Phillips] emailed me and he said, 'We wrote you into the next script' and I was like, 'Yay!'', says Heather. 'It's so nice to see everyone!' She also mentions that it's easy not to laugh at their onset shenanigans 'if you really get into the story'. Justin, however, reveals: 'I was in a lot more of the movie but they had to cut around me because I do laugh quite a bit.' Asked why people love the characters so much, Justin says: 'I think we all have a little bit of each character in us. We all have a crazy person in us, a nerd in us and sometimes we feel like a hero and sometimes we feel like loon.'


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