Pop star Justin Bieber has been named as the most searched for individual this year on Microsoft's Bing search service. The 'Baby' singer beat an otherwise entirely female top ten to become the celebrity the United Kingdom is apparently most interested in.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Is This Year's Most Searched Celeb On Twitter.

2013 will be quite possibly be seen as the year when the once-angelic pop singer went off the rails with a serious of unsavoury incidents garnering the 20 year-old star a great deal of media attention.

Bieber proved to be more Bing popular than royalty; whether that be actual royalty or pop royalty. Singer Beyoncé and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge came second and third on the list respectively which could be attributed to busy years for both of the prominent females.

Beyoncé Generated A Lot Of Interest On Both Sides Of The Atlantic.

A Bing statement discussed Kate's high positioning on this year's list: "Britain adores the Royal Family and this was proven with the birth of Prince George being the UK's top searched for news story on Bing this year," via The Express.

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