We're pretty sure that Orlando Bloom has managed to win over a good few thousand more fans after striking a fierce blow in the direction of Justin Bieber's head, but we can think of quite a few other stars who wouldn't mind a go either.

Justin Bieber at Cannes 2014
Come and have a go!

The story goes that Bieber met the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor at Cipriani restaurant in Miami where he extended a hand which Bloom did not shake. Then things start to get a bit sketchy: some sources claim he said, 'She was good' to Bloom, in reference to his alleged relationship with his ex-wife Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, while TMZ claims Bieber shouted 'What's up, bitch?' at the actor. Either way, eyewitnesses reveal Bloom threw a good punch at the singer - to most of the audience's utter delight by the sound of things - though it still isn't clear whether or not any damage was caused.

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The thing is, Orlando Bloom isn't the only star who hates Biebs, even if he's the first to lose his temper. Here's five other celebrities who are definitely Team Bloom.