A court in Argentina has cancelled an arrest warrant it had issued for Justin Bieber in relation to an alleged attack on a photographer undertaken by two of his bodyguards in the country’s capital Buenos Aires in 2013. However, a court official has at the same time confirmed that the actual charges against the singer remain in place.

The Guardian reported on Wednesday (July 22nd) that the Canadian tween-pop star’s international arrest order, issued by Interpol back in April, has now been revoked. The source was a court official familiar with the case, who spoke on the condition of anonymity as the person was not technically authorised to announce the details of the case.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber's arrest warrant in Argentina has been revoked, but the charges still stand

However, this doesn’t affect the status of the case itself, and the court is still expected to set a date for questioning in the case.

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The judge in question, Alberto Julio Banos, had originally approved the arrest warrant requesting Bieber to return to Argentina for questioning three months ago, calling for the “immediate detention’ of the ‘Never Say Never’ singer. However, he has not responded to the order since.

An Argentinian photographer, Diego Pesoa, alleges that on November 9th 2013 he was attacked by two heavies accompanying Bieber at the star’s behest, outside a nightclub where the singer and his entourage were celebrating after a live show.

It’s not the first time that Bieber and his security detail have had a run-in with paparazzi. Last month, the singer’s bodyguard Hugo Hesny was jailed for 45 days for two counts of disorderly conduct after he chased a photographer and seized his camera.

The same South American tour also saw Bieber publicly apologise after having been disrespectful to the Argentinian flag during one of his performances, and also get in trouble for graffiti-tagging in Colombia and Brazil.

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