Justin Bieber fans have clearly been busy online, with the odd revelation that the most disliked YouTube video of the year is the platform’s own highlights reel, replacing the singer’s early hit ‘Baby’.

Yes, with almost 11 million ‘dislikes’, meaning that 82% of its viewers did not enjoy it, ‘YouTube Rewind 2018’ is the video to which YouTube viewers gave the most thumbs-down in 2018.

It also means that Bieber’s 2010 song ‘Baby’, which with 9.9 million dislikes had held the ignominious title for several years, is no longer the most disliked video on YouTube.

In the comments section underneath ‘Baby’, it’s apparent that many Bieber fans have been deliberately logging on and disliking the ‘YouTube Rewind 2018’ vid in order to bump their hero off the bottom of the pile.

Justin BieberBieber's video for 'Baby' is no longer the most disliked thing on YouTube

“Justin must be feeling so relieved now,” posted one YouTube member, a comment that rapidly attracted more than 1,000 likes itself.

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The eight-minute montage, compiled by YouTube every year in December, takes a whistle-stop tour of the events on the platform throughout 2018, while chopping in shout-outs to mental health awareness, female empowerment and inclusion amid novelty K-Pop dance routines.

However, some have criticised this year’s video for not including massive user-generated content like the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match, and it effectively becoming a giant advertising billboard for the platform itself and what it can bring for prospective advertisers.

“Honest feedback can suck, but we are listening and we appreciate how much people care,” a representative for YouTube told The Verge. “Trying to capture the magic of YouTube in one single video is like trying to capture lightning in a bottle.”

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