If looks could kill. Justin Bieber's certainly would have after a fan threw a water bottle at him whilst he was performing on stage in Brazil. The 19-year-old threw a temper tantrum and glared into the crowd before leaving the stage. He offered no explanation and did not say goodbye. Fans were so puzzled by his sudden departure that they waited half an hour before Bieber's roadies began to pack the equipment away.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber performing in Rio de Janeiro on the Brazilian leg of his Believe Tour.

Bieber was performing in Sao Paulo at the Anhembi Convention Center. The arena holds up to 35 000 people and was packed, nevertheless the sold out gig was delayed by an hour and twenty minutes as Bieber failed to show up on time. Some fans had paid an additional £1000, according to The Telegraph, to meet him. However, he was over three hours late for this meet and greet session. 

The Telegraph have obtained footage of the incident which clearly shows Bieber's fury at the water bottle incident:

Bieber did not mention the bottle throwing incident on Twitter but he did refer to another incident where a male fan managed to find his way on stage and hug the 19-year-old pop sensation whilst he was performing. On Twitter he thanked Brazil for "being amazing" but said the rogue fan was "too much". Bieber also successfully offended a number of fans when he kicked a Brazilian flag which had been thrown on the stage. 

After all that hard work, Bieber unwound by renting a mansion and ensuring there was plenty of female companionship to be had. The 19-year-old, according to The Mirror, handpicked a group of thirty girls who joined him in West Rio where he had rented a mansion. Bieber's Brazilian leg of his Believe Tour has been dogged with rumours of his generally bad behaviour including an alleged visit to a brothel and being requested to leave his hotel suite. 

Bieber will be appearing in Argentina on November 8th, hopefully his teenage angst will have calmed by then.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber (centre) has been enjoying everything Brazil has to offer: clubs, women, water bottles...