Justin Bieber has had to endure the shame of rejection after he was booed by crowds at last night's Juno Awards. The incident would have been difficult to endure wherever the event was held in the world but the fact that the Juno Awards are held in Bieber's home country of Canada carries a particularly sharp barb of repudiation for the 20 year-old pop star.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Faced A Humilating Chorus Of Boos At Sunday's Juno Awards.

Bieber wasn't even at the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys to collect his trophy - the Juno Fan Choice Award - and was instead snapped partying in Montreal where he reportedly took three female clubbers back to his hotel room. Since bursting on to the scene as a sweet-faced young teenager, the singer has fallen victim to his own rebellious ways and has consequently lost some respect amongst his peers and fans.

Justin Timberlake AMAs
Bieber Wasn't Even There To Collect The Award Or Hear The Boos.

Not everyone was there to voice their distaste for the recalcitrant star though: fellow Canadian music artist Serena Ryder defended Bieber against the negative reception to his award when she came on stage to accept her Juno for songwriter of the year. "I really think that Justin Bieber is an amazing musician and he deserved every bit of that award because he's been working his ass off his entire life and we need to support how awesome he is," she said, via THR.

The Canadian winter Olympics curling team were on hand at the Winnipeg, Manitoba event to accept the fan choice award on behalf of the troubled 'Baby' singer but we're almost drowned out by the audience booing. This certainly isn't the first time such a blow has been dealt to Bieber: last May the singer was met with a chorus of boos at the Billboard Music Awards when he went up to accept the Milestone Award.

Justin Bieber Performing
The Way Things Are Going, These Probably Won't Be The Last Boos Bieber Hears.

At the time, Justin attempted to reason with the crowd, saying "I'm 19 years old. I'm 19 years old," adding in defence "I think I'm doing a pretty good job." Since then, the pop star has faced legal issues having allegedly egged a neighbor's house, being charged with a DUI in Miami Beach and facing a separate assault charge of a limo driver in Toronto. These brushes with the law were topped off with a disrespectful deposition sitting during which he evaded almost every question put to him.

What we want to know is: who are the "fans" who selected Bieber for the Canadian fan choice award?

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