Justin Bieber is 21 today! We've followed the singer through the highs and lows of adolescence, but he's all grown up now and officially an adult - he can do all the fun things adults are privileged to, like drink and gamble in the US. 

Justin Bieber
The Biebs has had his highs and lows - but mostly, we're just glad he made it to 21.

Justin is no longer a Baby - he went through his Boyfriend phase and is now a newly hatched Heartbreaker. These days, the Biebs is betting more on his good looks and full set of abs, rather than his musical talents, but the fans seem to like it anyway. 

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Meanwhile, Justin is reportedly spending the special day in classic style.  His friends gifted him with a classic car, almost twice his own age. According to Examiner, we're talking about John and Sammy Shahidi, who surprised him at the studio with a completely restored 1965 Lincoln Continental classic that cost about $20,000 for the restoration, and it took more than several months to get it ready. 

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It's not just a random (really freaking expensive) present though - apparently there's some history behind the beamer. The car is said to be an exact replica of the one seen in the opening credits of Entourage, said to be one of the Biebs' favourite shows. Contrast and compare, internet sleuths. 

And that's how you turn 21 in Bieberland, apparently. All your birthday parties from here on out will pale in comparison.