Sprightly young thing Justin Bieber collapsed on-stage from shortness of breath at London's O2 Arena on Thursday night (March 7, 2013) according to representatives of the Canadian teen pop star. Bieber, 19, who's suffered the worst week of publicity of his short career, returned to the stage before being taken to hospital.

"[Justin's] heading to the doctor now," Bieber's spokeswoman said after the show, "He fainted and took a 20-minute reprieve and was given oxygen." Strangely, his manager Scooter Braun told the sold-out audience in various amateur videos posted on-line, "Justin got very light of breath; the whole show he has been complaining.He's backstage with the EMTs [emergency medical technicians] and the doctor." 

But of course, a man of the people like Justin Bieber - the man who made his fans 40 minutes earlier this week - "ignored doctor's orders" and returned to the O2 arena to finish the performance. What a hero. His spokesperson confirmed Bieber had not been suffering from any health issues prior to the show.

It's been a rough week for Bieber, who issued a public apology to angry fans and parents following his late-show at the O2 on Monday night. Before that he had slammed London nightclub Cirque du Soir after reportedly turning up expecting to be granted entry with a slew of underage friends. On Wednesday, he was also spotted wandering around the city in a gas mask. What's not to like?

Watch footage of Justin Bieber 'collapsing' on-stage: