Ok, Beliebers, we’re officially going to have to stop giving Justin Bieber the benefit of the doubt now. Footage from his deposition in Miami last Thursday may record some of the most repulsive and arrogant behaviour we’ve ever seen from anybody, ever. Ever.  You can claim he's been bullied by the press all you like, but that doesn't give anyone the right to behave as rudely as he did.  But luckily, it's all been recorded so it can't be claimed he was simply 'misquoted'.

justin bieber depositionJustin Bieber has proved he is no longer the well-mannered boy he once was

Bieber had been summoned to Miami for a formal hearing in regards to a lawsuit brought up against him by a paparazzo called Jeffrey Binion. Binion claims that, on Bieber’s instructions, one of the star’s bodyguards choked him before stealing his camera. Of course, Bieber’s bodyguard may well have acting on his own initiative, but Bunion beliebes, sorry believes that Justin explicitly ordered his bodyguard to steal the photographer’s equipment in order to destroy a photograph taken of him leaving a recording studio.

You’d think that during a deposition, which is quite a serious matter, Bieber would have the common courtesy to behave appropriately and politely. Any respectful human being recognises that there are times and places to behave well, a deposition is one of those times. But sadly Justin can barely bother to look at the photographer’s lawyer while he asks his questions, and often replies obnoxiously and sarcastically, even winking at the camera at one point, totally undermining the gravity of the deposition.

Watch Justin Bieber snubbing photographers, and his fans:

Slumped in his chair Bieber told the lawyer “I don’t have to listen to anything you have to say”. Well, actually Justin, you sort of do. If for any other reason than to help yourself and get out of this tangle that you’ve found yourself in. At one point, Bieber even rudely snapped at the lawyer “What is this, 60 Minutes?” as well as “I don’t know Katie Couric, you tell me?”. When Bieber was instructed to watch footage of the paparazzi, or a “film” as the lawyer labeled it, Bieber wouldn’t rest until he felt he had sufficiently called out the lawyer on his phrasing: “Is this a film?” he repeated continuously, until they had to temporarily cease proceedings.

justin bieber usherAt one point Justin sarcastically responded regarding whether or not he knew Usher

What comes across in the video of Justin Bieber’s deposition is a thoroughly ruined young man with a misplaced sense of entitlement. As a young teenager Bieber was worshipped by hoards of teenage girls as if he were a god, always surrounded by ‘yes people’, it’s unsurprising that he thinks he is above the law.

A moment of light relief from Bieber vile attitude comes when he accidentally calls his discovery on YouTube “detrimental” to his career, rather than “instrumental”. So it turns out we do actually agree with Justin Bieber on one thing, whether he meant to say it or not.