If there was ever a time that Justin Bieber could be said to have hit rock bottom, it is surely now. Though the 19 year-old pop star may be swanning it on the slopes with his closest chums and peeing his initials into the snow, he leaves a media nightmare back at his Calabasas home where LA police are investigating not only an alleged egg-throwing incident but also the discovery of drugs and drugs paraphernalia found when raiding the star's home.

Justin Bieber Singing
Justin Bieber Is In A Lot Of Trouble After An Egg-Flinging Incident.

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The 'Baby' singer has been on a personal image rollercoaster over the past year or so and has narrowly avoided being severely reprimanded each time, which has boosted the young star's ego and seemingly given him a sense of invincibility. However, this latest incident could prove the last straw for crime enforcement officials, who may decide that enough's enough from the anti-social popstar and deport him back to Canada if he's convicted of felony vandalism.

Justin Bieber

What's more, those close to Bieber have apparently voiced their fears that the singer should be in rehab due to a serious drug problem and apparent disregard for the law. If he checks into rehab, he certainly won't be the first young star to have succumbed to the tantalising lure of intoxicating substances.

1) Amanda Bynes

One of the more memorable celebrity rehab cases of late has been that of actress Amanda Bynes who in May last year was arrested for criminal possession of marijuana during that notorious bong-throwing incident. The She's The Man actress was diagnosed with schizophrenia last summer after a chain of bizarre incidents, including insulting random celebrities on Twitter, two hit and run incidents, causing mayhem in a dog walking park and setting fire to someone's driveway.

Amanda Bynes

After a judge in August ruled that Bynes had a "lack of capacity to give informed consent to medical care," conservatorship was granted to her mother who saw that her daughter entered rehab to work through her problems. As of December 2013, Bynes returned home from rehab and is planning on keeping a low profile for a while, having signed up for a course in fashion in Los Angeles.

Amanda Bynes Hiding

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