Justin Bieber will be lucky if he is ever invited to perform anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere again if he continues to wage his onslaught of mayhem and crime in South America. No sooner had the pop star hit Brazil's Rio De Janeiro last week than he'd already been snapped emerging from a purported brothel, illegally vandalising a wall and partying until dawn with girls believed to be prostitutes.

Justin Bieber Singing
Justin Bieber's South American Antics Have Caused A Furore.

The 19 year-old was next spotted spraying graffiti on the wall of a hotel which is a crime punishable by up to a year in jail in Brazil. Though Bieber left the country, he has been charged with vandalism and police have warned that he could face arrest if he tries to return.

The latest misbehaviour from Bieber was more to do with his rowdy and destructive fans who camp outside wherever he stays and make as much noise as possible to coax the singer out. Sources speaking to TMZ report that the hotel where Justin was staying in Buenos Aires were forced to kick the young singer out after the teeming Beliebers outside were posing too much of a problem.

Justin Bieber Rockefeller Center
The Beliebers Caused The Singer To Be Kicked Out Of His Hotel.

The fans apparently smashed down barricades that police has put up, meaning they were let loose to damage hotel property in their week-long encampment. Hotel Faena booted Bieber out after they could no longer put up with the constant noise, mess and destruction that his adoring Belieber hoards bring. However, no other hotels in the area will take the 'Baby' star and his entourage of 25 resulting in a mad scramble to find accomodation.

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What'll It Be Next?

Meanwhile, the girl who captured the soon viral video of Justin Bieber sleeping in Brazil, Tati Neves, has apparently agreed to share her experiences with the world via Brazilian TV. Neves, 26, can be seen in the video grinning and blowing the sleeping Justin kisses. She has allegedly told her friends that she spent the night with Justin and that he was smoking weed, according to the Mirror.