Justin Bieber often "compliments how incredible" his wife Hailey Bieber looks.

The 24-year-old model's stylist Maeve Reilly has revealed that the 'Peaches' hitmaker is "really into" his other half's style and his "jaw drops" when he sees her in a new ensemble.

She told E! News: "I think he [Justin] loves it all.

"There's nothing I love more than when he walks in the room and his jaw drops or he compliments how incredible she looks. I have the same thing with Ciara. When Russell Wilson walks in the room and is like, 'Wow,' there's nothing better for a woman to hear that from her man. She does her thing, you know? I think he loves her vibe, however it is."

Maeve explained that the blonde beauty styles herself most of the time and they simply bounce ideas off each other as they share a "similar aesthetic".

She said: "With Hailey, it's just a feeling. It's like, 'Does this feel like you?' and 'Does this feel right?' It's based on mood and what she has to do for that day."

Maeve added: "She's just incredible and it's so collaborative. For example, the other day, she wore this green [blazer] I got her, but she went home and put that together on her own. That was totally styled by her. So we have a super similar aesthetic and she has incredible taste and can 100 per cent do stuff on her own. It's not like I'm ever telling her what to do or what to wear and this is everything. I'm obsessed with her, truly."