Bad news Justin Bieber fans, the long-running #MusicMondays is coming to an end, but on the bright side he might have released one of the best of the series so far. 'Change Me' is a delicate little number, one that features Justin at his most open, as he coos over an unnamed lover over the quiet, piano-led track.

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Justin's #MusicMondays are coming to an end

In a whispery tone, Bieber asks his would-be lover whether she could be the one to "change him," switching between his regular singing voice and his falsetto style as he asks tenderly, “Maybe you could change me/maybe you could change me for good/Maybe you could be the light that opens up my eyes.”

Asking for patience, love and affection, Justin sings that he is as ready as he’ll ever be when it comes to finding the right woman, we just don't know who he could be singing about, it to anyone at all. We do have one idea who it could be though, and you can probably guess who.

As lovely as the lyrics and sentiment of the song is, what really marks 'Change Me' above some of his other #MusicMonday releases is how simple it sounds, as it demonstrates Justin's prowess as a singer with little effort at all.

There has been a certain theme found across the #MusicMondays series, and whilst simply stating it to be love wouldn't miss the mark, the less obvious choice would be to consider the songs as an attempt at wooing his former flame Selena Gomez back. His efforts haven't worked so far (we think), but on 'Change Me' he might have his best shot yet.

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Is Bieber singing about Selena Gomez?