Here's a pretty weird story, there's some photos circulating around the web that show Justin Bieber completely in the nude, with his junk covered up by a guitar. Now, nude celebrity pictures making their way online are nothing new, but what makes Justin's pics so darn strange is that he is serenading a woman whilst he stands in the nude, and that woman just happens to be his grandmother! We're not sure how things are done in Canada, but to us that just doesn't seem right.

Justin Bieber Live
Justin pranked his family on Thanksgiving by greeting them in the nude

The photos of Justin were obtained by TMZ, who uploaded them on Monday (12 August) and show the teen heartthrob strumming along to a tune in the buff in his grandma's home. The photos were taken in November 2012 and the whole thing apparently took place on Thanksgiving morning when Justin decided to 'treat' his family to a musical number with a twist. According to a source speaking with TMZ, the singer woke up late on Thanksgiving and heard his family downstairs, so he decided to prank them by coming downstairs with a guitar and in his birthday suit.

The source went on to say that went he got downstairs, Bieber immediately went up to his grandma and began freestyling a little ditty that went a little bit like this: "I Loooove you grandmaaaa ... how are youuuu ... helloooo grandma."

Justin Bieber Victoria' Secret
We wonder what Justin gets up to at birthday parties if this is how he acts at Thanksgiving

Apparently, his family didn't find the whole experience too distressing and managed to have a chuckle at the prank, but the laughs didn't stop grandma Bieber from telling him off and demanding that he go put some clothes on. We wonder what Justin has lined up for this Thanksgiving?

Justin Bieber Arnhem
Bieber performs to a sold-out crowd at GelreDome in Arnhem, The Netherlands earlier this year