Justin Bieber may well be in trouble with the law once again, with new reports suggesting that the singer has been named as the perpetrator of an assault on a man after an NBA Finals basketball game in Cleveland in June 2016.

Video footage had surfaced at the time of the incident outside Bieber’s hotel in downtown Cleveland on June 8th, with the 22 year old Canadian star apparently seen getting involved in a brawl and shoving a man who was rather larger in physical stature than the Biebs.

Eight months later, police sources from Cleveland told TMZ that he is now the chief suspect in the incident.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber photographed in January 2017

The alleged victim, 34 year old Rodney Cannon from Las Vegas, told police that Bieber had grabbed his sunglasses. When he took a picture of the singer wearing the glasses, it apparently set Bieber into “attack mode”, with several of the star’s crew getting involved in the brawl, with the victim sustaining several injuries including concussion.

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Sources told the gossip site that the allegations are only surfacing now because Cannon had been “trying to settle up with Justin but he just wouldn’t play ball.” Police say that no charges have yet been formally filed and that the investigation is ongoing.

This new allegation comes just a couple of months after a judge in Buenos Aires, Argentina indicted Bieber in absentia for allegedly ordering a paparazzo to be beaten up while he was touring the South American country back in 2013.

Bieber believes the judge in the case is being mendacious against him deliberately, but the practical upshot is that he is unable to return to the South American country until the case is resolved.

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