A woman alleged to be a prostitute video taped Justin Bieber whilst he slept earlier this month, posting the video on to YouTube and creating a viral explosion in the process. As criticism mounts on the 19-year-old singer in regards to who was stood on the other side of the camera, his PR team have come forth to insist that whoever shot the video, it definitely was not a hooker.

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Justin has denied the latest claim to hit him

Speaking with TMZ, Team Biebs vehemently denied any and all charges alleging that the woman responsible for the video was paid to have sex with Justin before or after the video was shot. The video, in which a woman blows a kiss to Justin from behind the camera, was rumoured to be a Brazilian prostitute that Justin had paid for whilst he partied after a gig in Rio de Janeiro. According to Bieber's camp though, this is bogus, and Justin never hired a hooker.

Apparently, according to the report handed to TMZ by Justin's team, the teen sensation had rented a house on the outskirts of Rio to stay at whilst he toured the South American country. After his show in Rio, Justin threw an after-party with approximately 50 people invited over to attend, with Justin falling asleep on a couch at some point during the party.

It was while he slept that one of the partygoers shot the sleeping singer, posting the video online shortly after. In the face of this latest scandal to attach itself to Justin, he is apparently telling his friends about how creeped out he is that someone filmed him while he was sleeping, and even more creeped at having to defend himself from claims that he pays for sex.

We wonder what misadventures the singer will next find himself in.

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Justin takes his South American tour to Argentina next