Justin Bieber's shift on Saturday Night Live came around this weekend and in a fairly unsurprising turn of events he both admitted to and apologized for smoking weed.

He was criticized for smoking pot after photos were put on the web of him with what seemed to be a blunt in his hand. This was followed by a terrible hashtag trend via twitter, stating '#cutforbieber', in which fans said they would cut themselves if he wouldn't quit smoking it.

To be fair to the kid, he rolled with the punches, having told SNL writers and producers that there were no holds barred in what they could joke about. In a skit where he plays a Miley Cyrus super-fan he tells the Miley parody: "You're seriously my favourite singer of all time! You're light years better than that douche Justin Bieber." Carrying on to say of himself that he "looks like a lesbian" and that he "still has baby teeth." 

Having never made an official statement in regard to the photos, Bieber used the SNL platform to put across his message. In the skit, the character he played, added: "I also heard he got busted for smoking weed and he's really sorry about it and people make mistakes and he's never gonna do it again." Well, that clears that up! 

Justin Bieber performs in Orlando

Justin Bieber performs in Orlando, FL