Justin Bieber says Selena Gomez was the best thing about his teenage years.

The 21-year-old singer had an on/off relationship with Selena after they started dating in 2011 and while they are no longer together, he admitted he still has fond memories of their time together.

When asked on New Zealand radio show 'Mai Morning Crew', what the best part of his teenage years was, Justin said: ''Probably my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. I'm not gonna talk about it, but I'm just gonna say that and we'll leave it there.''

Justin's confession is surprising as just recently he admitted he was ''scarred'' from his previous relationship.

Asked if he thinks he'll compare all his future relationships to what he had with Selena, he previously said: ''Yeah. You get scarred from certain things. Even like - I'm kind of seeing this girl, right? I'm shy about doing or saying certain things, and then I say it and it's not even a problem.

''And I'll remember when I couldn't.... You're just scarred and you don't do something because in your last relationship they'd freak out, but [the new person is] just like, 'What are you talking about?'''

Justin also explained that he believes the relationship with Selena, 23, failed because it was ''too intense''.

He said: ''I moved in with my girlfriend when I was 18. Started my own life with her. It was a marriage kind of thing.

''Living with a girl, it was just too much at that age. But we were so in love. Nothing else mattered. ''