The cheeky woman who shot video of Justin Bieber sleeping in a Brazilian hotel suite and then posted the footage online has been identified as model, actress and bodybuilder Tatiana Neves Barbosa.

The brunette's short film, which has put Bieber's security team on high alert, already has over 17 million plus views on just days after she uploaded it.

The footage features a shirtless Bieber sleeping while his quiet roommate pulls faces. It ends with Barbosa blowing the pop star a kiss.

The aspiring actress has quite a history of posting shots and clips of herself online - her page is full of 'selfies' featuring her in skimpy clothing.

Editors at Us Weekly magazine has discovered that the 26 year old behind the Bieber snoozing footage is the current Miss Bikini Wellness.

It still isn't clear whether or not Barbosa was an invited guest in Bieber's hotel room or someone who had managed to sneak past security to shoot her cellphone video.