Justin Bieber uploaded a selfie of himself with Selena Gomez on Instagram earlier today (28th August) which has prompted yet more speculation about the nature of their relationship.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber photographed together in 2011.

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The photograph shows Bieber staring into the camera he is evidently holding whilst Gomez appears to be focussing on the side of his head, with her eyes looking away from the camera. This is not the first time this week Bieber has featured Gomez on his Instagram account as on Tuesday (26th August) he regrammed a selfie she had taken and added to her profile. Gomez's picture was actually aimed at thanking a jewellery designer friend for a necklace but Bieber evidently liked it so much he added it to his own - albeit quickly deleting it as MTV reports. 

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Bieber and Gomez first started dating in 2011 and have been in an on-off relationship ever since. They officially split in late 2012 but were seemingly together again in April 2013 before once again apparently drifting apart. The two appeared to have reconciled after a break of some months in July of this year, appearing in public together on what appear to be dates and becoming more present on each other's social media accounts. 

Since July there's been a constant stream of speculation from media outlets and fans of the couple. 'Are they back together?' and 'how long will it last this time?' appear to be the most asked questions. The truth is: we don't actually know anything official as neither has commented on their relationship or issued a statement. However, with this latest selfie and Bieber's regram of Gomez's selfie, it does appear the two are - for now at least - very much together. 

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