This just in Beliebers: Justin Bieber sleeps with his favourite red cap has been exclusively revealed to the world by a girl who looks like her life has been made worthwhile by catching the singer unawares.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Caught Sleeping By A Sneaky Fan.

The girl, believed to be Brazilian Tati Neves, pans from her own delighted face to the 19 year-old pop star who is curled up in the foetal position and sleeping on a day bed in his rented villa. It's easy to tell that we are looking at the 'Baby' singer not just for his distinctive tattoos but for his bright red baseball cap that is lying near him on the bed.

Light streams in through the windows and it is clear that Bieber has had a mighty lie-in after partying until the wee hours during the night before. The clip apparently was filmed when Bieber was in Rio De Janeiro to perform at a concert.

Watch The Clip Of Justin Bieber Sleeping:

The young star took full advantage of the city's entertainment whilst he was visiting and was most notably seen emerging from a brothel in "disguise" which meant his minder held a bed sheet over him. That night, Bieber reportedly invited 30 women from the Zax nightclub in Joa back to the property he was renting to continue his party until the early morning.

Justin Bieber Yellow Cap
Justin Has Created A Stir Whilst On Tour In South America.

According to The Daily Mail, visitors were only allowed into Justin's temporary residence when they'd handed over their phones and signed a form stating they would not share details of their time with Justin with the press or post images online.

The same trip to Brazil saw the singer fall into trouble with the law after he illegally sprayed graffiti on the wall of a hotel; a crime punishable by a jail term of up to a year. Bieber has been charged with vandalism and although it was a minor offence, he has been warned that he could be arrested if he tries to enter the country again. Justin has since moved his tour and entourage to Paraguay.

Justin Bieber Singing
Will Bieber Get Up To Any Reckless Antics In Paraguay?

Justin Bieber has not publically commented on any of the incidents reported.