In case you were still wondering, the old, family friendly Justin Bieber is dead and gone. The new, party-loving, stripper spanking Justin is now here to stay, and he's taking his wild antics across state borders and bringing the party with him wherever he goes. His latest stop; a Texas strip club.

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The Biebs knows how to party

In his latest bid to cast his tween days behind him for good, Justin reportedly stopped by VLive strip club - as initially reported by TMZ - and partied with his shirt off and his pants down (not all the way down, just in the style that all the cools kids have it nowadays). Justin clearly wasn't at the club to sit quietly in the corner, as he reportedly got down and dirty with at least one of the strippers, who later tweeted her excitement after meeting the hands-on singer.

One of the strippers at the club, who goes by the Twitter handle DiamondsR4ever, took to the micro-blogging site to explain her excitement having just partied with the Biebs, adding in her tweets that the Canadian singer got a little hands on during her dance. She tweeted, "He Touched My Ass I Almost Fainted," following it up with, "He Was Like Its Real !!"

Another stripper at the club told TMZ that during his night of debauchery in Texas, Justin "made it rain" in between lap dances and made sure that the fun carried on way into the wee hours of the nights. It must be his new moustache that is persuading him to act more manly each day. Lets just hope this doesn't make Selena Gomez start crying on stage again.

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