Justin Bieber seems to be enhancing his diva persona with every passing day, and his latest mishap ranks up there with his most wannabe-princess over reactions. According to the Huffington Post, the Biebs was performing in Sao Paulo this weekend (3 Nov.) when a member of the audience threw an object at him - most likely a water bottle - and he just turned around and left the stage. Simple as that.

Justin Bieber
The singer made no indication that his set was over

As you can see in the video (below), Justin had just finished singing 'Boyfriend,' when he was hit with the bottle, prompting him to scowl in the direction the bottle came from and then walk away. Now, usually at his shows 'Boyfriend' is one of the encore tracks, and this may have been the end of the concert anyway, however reports go on to state that the lights stayed down and fans remained in the stadium for up to an hour before finally admitting defeat and assuming that Justin wouldn't be back on stage.

Justin did go on to mention the show on his Twitter page later that night, but he never mentioned the bottle incident and insisted that the show was "all love."

This isn't the first time Justin has been 'attacked' on stage either, as the Canadian star was almost the victim of a fan attack whilst in Dubai earlier this year. In May, the singer was performing in the Arab nation when an over-zealous Belieber rushed on to the stage and grabbed him from behind whilst Biebs was sat at his piano. He managed to wriggle free an even went on to finish his set once the guy was removed, but as the Sao Paulo fans learnt the hard way, a bottle to the face will see your concert finishing privileges taken away. Maybe he had a brothel to get to?

Justin Bieber Live
The singer supposedly spent some of his time in Brazil at a brothel