T-Mobile seem to have aced their Super Bowl commercial yet again, casting Justin Bieber in a bizarre but strangely compelling clip released this week ahead of the showcase game.

In the minute-long video, which went up on Thursday (February 2nd), Bieber is shown in thick, black-framed glasses and a tuxedo, and poses as a self-styled ‘Celebration Expert’ to explore the history of celebration touchdown dances – ironic, as the NFL has been attempting to clamp down on such showboating for years.

Bieber’s voiceover delivery is rather unenthusiastic, as he shows us the history celebrations from the high-five to the shimmy shimmy shake, as New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski and retired star Terrell Owens make guest appearances.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber stars in T-Mobile's 2017 Super Bowl ad

However, not to be outdone and to make up for his rather wooden acting, the 22 year old Canadian star has the closing seconds all to himself as he shows off a few well-executed dance moves.

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T-Mobile’s ad is designed to show the company’s unlimited data plan – and to tie in with that Bieber invited viewers to send in their own ‘Unlimited Moves’.

The advertisement breaks during the Super Bowl are among the most lucrative spots on television for brands looking to inform viewers of their trade – and consequently are the most expensive to land.

Furthemore, rival brands frequently compete to one-up each other through lavish spending and attempting to land the biggest celebrities possible. They don’t come much bigger than the Biebs, meaning T-Mobile has done well yet again.

Super Bowl LI, contested between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots, will be played on Sunday February 5th at Houston's NRG Stadium.

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