Justin Bieber has thanked his wife Hailey Bieber for helping him get rid of his adult-onset acne.

The 'Boyfriend' hitmaker has heaped praise on his wife for helping him with his skincare routine.

Sharing a selfie on his Instagram story, he captioned it: ''Skin ... Thanks @haileybieber. (sic)''

Hailey previously revealed she is helping Justin with his acne as she is ''super into'' skincare.

She said: ''Justin has really really really nice skin naturally. ''Over the last two years he has been struggling with ... Adult onset acne breakouts.

''I'm super into skincare, especially because we've had a lot of time in this quarantine. I told him that by the time we exit this quarantine he is going to have glowing perfect skin so we are going to work on that.''

Whilst he added: ''She's been picking and prodding at my skin. She pops pimples, she puts like serum and like does masks for me.''

Hailey wants to spread the word about the importance of skincare as she feels a lot of people struggle with the same issues.

Speaking about why skincare is her passion, she explained: ''I think that it's something that a lot of people struggle with. I also think that there's a way to maintain to healthy skin and use products and ingredients that are really good for your skin and that help bring a nice glow and a dewy complexion.''

And Justin added: ''You've already helped me with my self-confidence, even just getting my skin to the way it is now.''