Justin Bieber landed himself in hot water for a change on Memorial Day after he was accused of recklessly driving his Ferrari around his exclusive Los Angeles residential area. Now it looks as though the singer may have found a way around his latest charge, by blaming rapper and Odd Future affiliate Tyler, The Creator for the whole thing.

According to TMZ, the security team at Justin's LA mansion have filmed proof that shows Tyler driving the car over the holiday and not Justin, with TMZ gaining their intel from a police insider with access to the report filed by said security team. In spite of this revelation, it doesn't exactly clear Bieber's name for good, as it is still their word against four witnesses from Justin's gated community.

Former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, who lives opposite Bieber's LA mansion, told TMZ on Friday (May 31) that he saw Bieber himself driving his Ferrari into the gated neighbourhood, something that he and 3 other witnesses agree on. He did go on to say, however, that when he confronted Justin about his manic driving he explained that it wasn't him doing the driving during the Grand Theft Auto-recreation, he just got in the drivers seat to reverse the car into the drive. We assume he did this after he ran away and cowered from the advancing ex-American footballer.

As far as anyone knows, the video that Justin's security team supposedly have has yet to be passed on to police, but they're still steadfast in their claims that they possess video evidence that proves Justin wasn't the one driving recklessly. If they're lying, this of course means even bigger trouble for JB.

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Justin blames Tyler for the incident

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