A video of Justin Bieber catching up on his sleep became a viral sensation when it was uploaded anonymously to YouTube this week. Although the woman responsible for the video tried to keep her identity a secret, she has since been identified as model, actress and bodybuilder Tatiana Neves Barbosa, thanks to the wily reporters at Us Weekly.

The brunette's short film has put Bieber's security team on high alert since it made its way online, and has garnered over 17 million views on YouTube already, just days after she uploaded it. The footage features a shirtless Bieber sleeping whilst someone pulls faces next to him. It ends with Barbosa blowing a kiss towards to teen sensation and the video itself has caused Justin way more hassle that he would have wanted, with many theorising that Barbosa might be a prostitute hired by the singer.

Us Weekly have determined that Barbosa isn't actually a prostitute, but that doesn't mean to say that she doesn't enjoy living a little recklessly. The aspiring actress has developed a varied repertoire of sultry selfies on Facebook, with her personal page containing a number of pictures of herself wearing some very skimpy outfits. The report from Us goes on to state that the 26-year-old happens to be the former winner of the Miss Bikini Wellness competition, taking home the crown in 2012.

It still isn't clear as to whether or not Barbosa was invite to Bieber's hotel room or whether she was able to sneak past security to shoot her smartphone video.

The video is but one of the many hiccups Bieber found himself a part of during the Brazil leg of his 'Believe' world tour. The singer was reportedly spotted leaving a brothel in Rio de Janeiro and was forced to defend himself then. He also stormed off stage when he was hit with a water bottle during a performance in the city, and might still face police charges after he was filmed graffitiing a wall in the city.

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At least she wasn't a prostitute