Justin Bieber wants to ''support'' Kanye West.

The 'As Long As You Love Me' hitmaker flew down to Wyoming to see the rapper on his ranch after a series of Twitter outbursts.

A source said: ''Justin wants to be supportive. Justin knows that Kanye has been making new music [in Cody] and appreciates how much pressure it is to produce new music. Justin struggled for so long himself before he got proper help.''

Kanye reportedly ''didn't want to face'' Kim and had been ''ghosting'' her before Justin stepped in.

An insider added to People magazine: ''Kanye ghosted Kim. She tried to reach him for days, but he wouldn't answer calls and he wouldn't answer texts. Kanye didn't want to face Kim. He doesn't mind having a public spectacle but he avoids conflict when he's like this. He knows he disappointed her and that kills him.''

It comes after Kanye apologised to his spouse Kim for discussing their personal issues in public as he admitted he regretted ''going public with something that was a private matter''.

Kanye - who posted the message hours after he was visited on his ranch by Justin - wrote: ''I would like to apologise to my wife Kim for going public with something that was a private matter. I did not cover her like she has covered me.

''To Kim I want to say I know I hurt you. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me. (sic)''

Kanye did not explain which comments he was specifically apologising for, but he's recently made a string of allegations about various high-profile people in his life, and even claimed he wanted to divorce Kim, 39, after she met rapper Meek Mill at a hotel.

Kanye wrote: ''I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldolf for 'prison reform' (sic)''