Being a celebrity comes with a lot of perks. The main one being wherever you go you get to send ahead a list of things you want waiting for you in your hotel or dressing room. Most of the celeb requests are fairly straightforward but some of them...well, just take a look at what the Business Insider uncovered.

rihanna requestsRihanna requests a plush animal print rug to walk around barefoot on

Rihanna apparently asks that any brick or lockers be concealed with white drapes, along with mood lighting for her to feel relaxed. Sure, we get that, no one wants to perform in front of thousands of people if you’ve been feeling a bit tense. She also requests a large, plush, animal print rug that must be clean as she plans to walk around on it in her bare feet. Do non-animal print rugs not feel as luxurious?

Justin Bieber is shockingly humble in his request list. A couple cases of water, some Coke, a case of Ginger Ale, some Diet Coke, an ironing board (we wonder if he personally uses it?), a quality steamer, a Vicks steam inhaler and that his food be fresh and covered with plastic wrap. We wonder if he has updated the list to whatever that purple stuff was?

It seems Kanye West has got a thing for yoghurt. The Yeezus rapper asks for a tub or plain yoghurt for dipping along with 4 Yoplait Yoghurts. Maybe the Yoplait is for his daughter, North? He also asks for a bowl of assorted nuts as well as 1 bowl of Sunkist Salted Pistachio Nuts, but no red coloring. Kanye obviously likes to relax after the show which a 750ml bottle of Hennessey Liquor, 1 750ml bottle of SKY or Absolut vodka, 1 bottle of Patron Silver Tequila and 4 six packs of Heineken Beer. West is way more hardcore when it comes to drinking liquor than us, he hasn’t ordered any mixers so we’re guessing he drinks this all neat!  Sheesh!

adele requestsAdele's requests are fairly strict for the laidback singer

Adele’s demands are very precise. She requests 2 squeezy bottles of honey which must NOT be organic. We wonder what Adele has against organic honey? The Someone Like You singer also asks for 12 small bottles of still water at room temperature, 6 brand new mugs for tea, a bottle of the highest quality red wine, a pack of Marlboros and a lighter, some fresh fruit (but no citrus) and a small plate of fresh sandwiches, again no citrus, tomatoes, vinegar or chili. Taking the Biebs list into account, Adele actually comes off a bit of a diva in hers!

If you were a celebrity what would you request be waiting in your dressing room for you? We’re surprised that a bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne isn’t anywhere to be seen, as champers would be number one on our list!

Watch Rihanna arriving at her London hotel - we sure hope they had her animal rug!