Justin Bieber is facing the prospect of legal action from a male model who alleges the pop superstar kicked him during a brawl in New York last weekend (03-04Aug13).

Wayne Rennalls, 22, claims he was caught up in an alleged altercation with the singer's entourage outside a nightclub in the Hamptons and was later hospitalised to treat injuries including a black eye and a chipped tooth.

He also filed a police report which prompted an investigation, and now he has revealed he is planning to sue the star and his entourage over the incident.

Rennalls alleges Bieber, 19, who was standing on the roof of a car throughout most of the dispute, approached him and kicked during the fracas.

He tells the New York Daily News, "(Bieber yelled) 'You f**king p**sy, do something!'... Justin Bieber (was) still running his mouth and I took my shirt off to fight. That's when they all hopped out of the truck and bum-rushed me. They said, 'That's your f**king a**,' and the first one came to me, and I put my hands up to fight, to protect myself... He (Bieber) got around and kicked me."

Rennalls claims the argument started inside the nightclub and then turned nasty outside, saying, "Honestly, it was like jealousy in the club. I got a group of females, like seven on this (left) side and three on this side (right) and one standing behind me. The girls I was with, none of them ran to him... He's a kid! He wasn't even allowed in the club. It's not a teenage party."

Rennalls' attorney Mark Rudner also reveals a legal summons and official complaint were drafted Friday and they plan to file suit against the star and his bodyguards, as well as the nightclub in Southampton.

The news comes as video footage from the incident has emerged online. The clip shows Bieber standing on top of a car before running down the hood and moving towards the trouble.

A spokesperson for Bieber has previously insisted the young singer was not involved in the alleged altercation.