A lawyer for a paparazzo who is suing Justin Bieber over an alleged assault in Miami, Florida has urged a judge to award his client punitive damages in a bid to deter the embattled superstar from future altercations.

Jeffrey Binion is currently locked in a legal battle with the Baby hitmaker over accusations the 20 year old and his bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, attacked him following a run-in last summer (13).

The plaintiff claims he was choked by Hesny and ordered to delete images he took of Bieber outside a recording studio.

His lawyer, Mark DiCowden, appeared in Miami-Dade Circuit Court on Tuesday (01Apr14) and detailed a string of at least 11 similar incidents involving Bieber and other snappers over the past two years, in an effort to illustrate that the singer and his security team needed to be taught a lesson.

DiCowden insists punishing Bieber financially could prompt the star to reconsider his actions the next time he clashes with photographers.

He told Judge Sarah Zabel, "It's not a financial fishing expedition. It is well known around the world that Justin Bieber does not like to be photographed in public."

Bieber's lawyer, Jared Lopez, argued that there was no evidence to suggest Binion was physically harmed in the alleged attack and he claimed there was no proof that Bieber had ordered Hesny to confront the snapper.

Bieber also denied ordering Hesny to attack Binion during his lengthy deposition last month (Mar14).

Judge Zabel has yet to rule on the motion.