Rixton think Justin Bieber ''is a great lad.''

The boy band - consisting of Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Danny Wilkin and Lewis Morgan - have jumped to the 20-year-old singer's defence following his altercation with Orlando Bloom last week in Ibiza.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Jake, 21, said: ''Justin is a great lad and really good to us. But if we hadn't met him we would be on the same bandwagon saying 'What an a***hole' like everyone else.

''Then when you meet someone you realise it's not fair and all blown out of proportion.''

However, it's not just Justin the 'Wait on Me' hitmakers think is misunderstood as they believe rapper Kanye West is also made out to be a bad guy as well.

Jake explained: ''It's the same with Kanye West. We were scared he would rant at us like people in the media make out.

''But he came up to us with no security and casually said: 'Hey guys, how you doing?' So we asked for a picture and he was like: 'Sure, jump in.'

''We chatted to him, fist-bumped him, and made him laugh - that's my biggest moment of glory''

Meanwhile, the four-piece - who share the same management as Justin, Scooter Braun - have hit out at those who question their ability on their upcoming album.

Jake explained: ''The album kicks off with a huge a cappella song with layers of harmonies. It's a Boyz II Men or Beach Boys sort of thing.

''We wanted to start with that as a statement, then you hear us plug in our guitars and crank it up for the rest of the album.''