Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun has signed on to co-produce a live-action movie adaptation of cult 1980s' cartoon Jem And The Holograms - and he's offering fans the chance to star in the film.

Braun has teamed up with G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu and Insidious producer Jason Blum to revive the classic kids' show, which was based on the popular Hasbro toyline of the same name, and they are appealing to wannabes to get involved.

In a YouTube.com video announcing the project, Chu says, "We want to invite you into our process to help us make our next movie, from making music to designing costumes, to even casting, whatever it is, we want you to be part of our creative team...

"The movie, without giving away too much, is a modern-day, live-action reinvention of the 1980s Hasbro classic cartoon Jem and The Holograms."

The cartoon centred on Jerrica Benton and her alter-ego, Jem, a singer who fronted a band called The Holograms, and the filmmakers are calling on fans to offer up casting ideas by posting videos detailing what they loved about the show on social media blogs like Twitter.com.

They are also searching for aspiring actors of "any age, any gender" to star in the movie - as long as they are "triple threats".

Interested fans have been asked to share two-minute audition videos on Twitter.

Chu, the man behind the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never concert documentary, is reportedly hoping to take advantage of social media to get production on the film started later this spring (14).