This is the song that never ends… scratch that, it’s the relationship that never ceases to produce gossip fodder. Not only are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber apparently back together, they’re taking dance lessons. According to TMZ, the once-again couple hit upAction Dance Studio in McAllen, TX and spent a few hours sweating it up in a private rehearsal with one of the studio’s choreographers.

Justin Bieber
Both Bieber and Gomez have had a rough start of the year, but seem to be happily back together now.

Gomez was there to perform at the 2014 BorderFest concert at the Hidalgo State Farm Arena. Judging by Bieber’s twitter stream, he was also in attendance – because why rekindle a romance, if you’re not going to throw yourself into it full force?

Selena Gomez
Selena was glad to be back home and enjoying some authentic Mexican food.

Given that both Bieber’s and Gomez’ careers rely heavily on their dance skills, well done to both of them for working in some productivity into their rekindled romance. But by private session, we really do mean private – no paps, no cameras, not even an instagram to commemorate the occasion.


The two even had a security guard on watch outside the studio to keep away gossip hounds. The two are getting serious about their privacy and no wonder, given Justin’s recent brushes with the law, involving his social media accounts.