Justin Long has backed the reboot of the 'Jeepers Creepers' series.

The comedy actor - who starred in the original film series as a teenager chased by a a demonic creature - thinks it is "really cool" that the franchise has been going for so long.

Speaking on the On with Mario podcast, said: "I loved making it and it was a thrill to get to do and feel lucky that I got to do it but we weren’t reinventing the wheel. It was like brother and sister chased by a monster. The fact that it lasted 20 years is like really cool."

Justin starred in the first two movies as teenager Darry Jenner alongside future 'Ally Mcbeal' actress Gina Philllips,51, as his sister Trish.

Justin was clearly happy to see his most famous movie remade, although he admitted that he has "nothing to do with it."

The 43-year-old actor couldn't help but admit his surprise at the continued interest in the series, which debuted in 2000.

He told 'Saved by the Bell' star Mario Lopez, 47,: “I’m stunned that people are still talking that movie that we made.”

However, Justin does have one wish for the new movie, which is still in its early stages of production.

He said: “My hope as a fan of horror movies is that if they do reboot the creeper they don’t show too much of it.”

Director Timo Vuorensola, 41, who also directed 'Iron Sky', teased details of the plot in a behind-the-scenes video released earlier this year.

He said: "The plot will revolve around a horror festival in Louisiana, which attracts hundreds of nerds and genre fans from around the world. Among them, Chase and his girlfriend Laine, forced to embark on this adventure. But as the festival approaches, Laine begins to have unexplained premonitions and disturbing visions associated with the town’s past and, most importantly, the legend of the Creeper. Soon, Laine begins to believe that something supernatural has been summoned … and that she is at the center of it all."