Justin Theroux admits being married feels ''different''.

The 44-year-old actor tied the knot with Jennifer Aniston in a secret ceremony earlier this month and is ''very happy'' for the 'Cake' star to call him her husband.

He told People magazine: ''It does feel different. I'm very happy.

''It's nice to be able to look down and see a new piece of jewellery on my finger.''

Justin and Jennifer flew to Bora Bora to honeymoon with their friends after their wedding, and the actor was given a rapturous reception when he returned to work on the new series of 'The Leftovers'.

He said: ''[The cast and crew] gave me a big cheer so it was wonderful.''

While Justin feels ''different'' since getting married, his 46-year-old wife recently said calling him her husband feels ''natural''.

She said last week: ''It feels quite natural. He's shooting 'The Leftovers' in Austin [now].''

The couple kept their nuptials under wraps by telling friends they were being invited to their Bel Air home for an early birthday celebration for the groom, and Jennifer says their determination meant they could pull off the surprise.

She said: ''Where there's a great will, there's a way. It can be done.''