The distinctive smell of a bromance is filling Contact Music’s nostrils. Matt Damon might be scribbling into his diary with excessive force this weekend as new buds Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake cuddle up together. The Argo actor and new Batman has been waxing lyrical about his Runner Runner co-star.

Justin Timberlake, Runner Runner StillJustin Timberlake and Ben Affleck in Runner Runner

"I love Justin. Being around Justin is inspiring, he works really hard, he's incredibly gifted. There's nothing the guy can't do. I really am the biggest fan of his. I'm trying to win tickets to the show," Affleck said in a statement. (IMDB)

"He dances like Michael Jackson, sings, writes music...There's 400 million boy bands, he's the one guy that became a gigantic star," he added.

The pair star together in Runner Runner, a tight thriller/drama that sees Timberlake’s character (Richie) cheated out of a large sum of money while online gambling. He travels to Cuba to confront Ivan (Affleck) – the man he thinks deceived him.

In Richie, Ivan sees a plucky young buck, and invites him into his operation. But, like any criminal operation, something’s not right, and Richie finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue and lies.

Ben Affleck, Runner Runner StillJustin Timberlake, Runner Runner Still
Affleck and Timberlake seem to be getting on like a house on fire

“This is the most challenging movie that I have ever done,” Timberlake said of the film. “If you take movies such as Alpha Dog or The Social Network, playing antagonists is a lot of fun and you can make a lot of colour out of those scenes. But being in the eye of the storm, like I am on Runner Runner, you are required to hold the whole thing together – the audience is seeing the movie through your character. (Metro)

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