Justin Timberlake's upcoming album - the first of his in 6 years - is already tipped to be a collaborative fiesta, with names such as Jay-Z (who appears on the first single from the album 'Suit&Tie) and Beyonce Knowles rumoured to be included on some tracks. However, it's not just in music that Timberlake is teaming up, but in fashion too, reports NY Daily News.

The singer has apparently joined forces with renowned men's designer and director Tom Ford. Ford and Timberlake have worked together to create a range of snazzy and stylish suits to accompany some songs from the 20/20 Experience which will crop up in the videos for some tracks. The first video was released last week and saw Justin impeccably dressed in Tom Ford with a distinctly 50s / early 60s feel, which Ford does very well, which is particularly well illuminated in his 2009 movie with Colin Firth, A Single Man. 

"I adore Justin. He has innate style and enormous talent. It has been such a pleasure and honor to work with him throughout this entire creative process," said Ford, of working with Justin. Ford also designed the suits for JT and his ushers for hiswedding to Jessica Biel last October.

Check out his suit right here: