Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have had a hectic couple of weeks since they tied the knot three weeks ago, fortunately for the newlyweds they have finally found some time to put aside for themselves after they were spotted holding hands whilst strolling through New York yesterday (Nov 11).

The good samaritains were among the kind-hearted celebrities on hand to lend their support for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged America's east coast late last month. The pair immediately headed to New York after enjoying their honeymoon following their lavish Italian wedding, to get their hands dirty and help out those in need by doling out boxes full of supplies at Far Rockaway, NY over the weekend.

The newly wedded couple soon found space for themselves though and got to enjoy their first moments of matrimonial life on the US land, for seemingly the first time since they tied the knot, enjoying a pleasant stroll around recovering New York.

Hurricane Sandy was formed from a tropical wave in the western Caribbean Sea in late October, eventually building up to the colossal hurricane that would go on to wreck havoc across North America's easter seaboard. It was not created, as some have suggested, by homosexuals and the re-election of Barack Obama.