Justin Timberlake is continuing his pursuit to make sure 2013 is his year and ahead of the release of his second album of 2013, the singer, actor and all-around Renaissance man has released the second full track from his upcoming release, 'TKO.' With production and backing vocals from regular collaborator Timbaland, the song has got us looking forward to the completion of the 20/20 Experience series all the more.

Justin Timberlake
Justin will release the second edition of The 20/20 Experience this month.

Clocking in at a lengthy 7 minutes 6 seconds, it continues Justin's recent attempts to make challenging yet rewarding pop songs. The singer had three songs that clocked in at 8 minutes or over on the first 20/20 Experience and a further four clocking in at over 7 minutes, and when it comes to the second instalment of the 20/20 Experience, Justin will be continuing this trend. With only eleven songs stretched out across 74 minutes, the average length of each song in his will be over 6 and a half minutes long.

The new single was uploaded to Justin's YouTube page on Thursday (19 Sept.) evening, following an Instagram message posted by Justin, in which he ponders whether or not to release a new single.

The 20/20 Experience - Part 2 offers more than just lengthy songs either, as JT has enlisted the help of Drake for one of the album's tracks. The two team up on 'Cabaret,' which is coincidentally the shortest track on the album, clocking in at 4 minutes 32 second, as Justin sticks with his ethos of only have one guest feature per album. With the first 20/20 Experience, Justin enlisted the help of Jay-Z to rap on the hit single 'Suit & Tie.'

The second and final instalment of The 20/20 Experience is due out on September 30, with the full collection, under the name The Complete Experience, being made available the same day.

Full tracklisting and song times for The 20/20 Experience - Part Two:

'Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)'- 5.15

'True Blood' - 9.31 'Cabaret' - 4.32

'T K O' - 7.04

'Take Back The Night' - 5.55

'Murder' - 5.07

'Drink You Away' - 5.31

'You Got It On' - 5.55

'Amnesia' - 7.04

'Only When I Walk Away' - 7.04

'Not A Bad Thing' - 11.28

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Justin isn't just making music again, as he has a host of films coming out soon as well.