Ben Affleck is Batman, that’s a fact we’ve all almost come to terms with, but now it looks like Justin Timberlake – another one of those too-popular-to-be-any-good-at-acting types – is vying for a part in the rebooted batman franchise. And he has a very interesting (we’re not even being sarcastic with that) idea of who exactly he should play. We’ll give you a hint – it’s not Robin. Sidenote: as perfect as the idea might seem, Matt Damon won’t be the sidekick either, he has already rejected the possibility.

Justin Timberlake, MTV VMA
Paint that suit green and slap on a mask... it's not that hard to imagine.

No, Timberlake has a different idea of the character he should take on, as he said in Fresh 102.7's Jim and Kim Show: “"I ain't playin' Robin. I have no aspiration to ever be a superhero in a movie. Now VILLAIN! I'll tell you the villain I want to play more than anything because I grew up loving Batman, funny enough, is the Riddler. The Riddler is my favorite villain.” In fact, as E!News noted, Timberlake is already in the midst of promotion of another film where he collaborated with Affleck, Runner Runner.

Ben Affleck, Hotel Casa
Timberlake would love to team up with Ben Affleck again.

Timberlake has nothing but praise for the actor turned director, who is now set to take over the iconic part of Bruce Wayne.

"Ben Affleck as Batman, I like it," Timberlake told Jim & Kim, reports E! News. "I worked with Ben last summer and I've seen his process. I think he's a brilliant filmmaker. I think he's an extreme talent so he could surprise a lot of people."

Ben Affleck, UCLA
But the world itself might not be ready for Affleck as Bruce Wayne.

Ben Affleck as Batman vs. Justin Timberlake as The Riddler – it’s a casting choice that just might make every hardcore DC fan’s heart break. Fortunately, it still only exists in the mind of JT. But stifle your urge to pelt the screen with rotten tomatoes as we say this – it doesn’t actually sound like that bad of an idea.

Jim Carrey, American Book Expo
Jim Carrey was the last actor to play the Riddler. Coult Justin measure up?