Justin Timberlake has entered a whole new stage in his career, for better or worse. Actually, we’re pretty sure it’s for the better that his N-Sync days and frosted tips are behind him. The singer/actor looked dapper as usual alongside wife Jessica Biel at last night’s (Wednesday, 18 September) premiere of Runner Runner.

In a remarkably gender neutral choice, husband and wife sported matching black suits – although no ties to complete Justin’s signature look. Of course, co-star Ben Affleck wasn’t far behind. Timberlake and Affleck seem to have solidified their blossoming bromance with Runner Runner.

The movie tells the story of a broke college student (who can’t relate to that?), who uses his prodigal math skills to predict the algorithms of an online gambling website and make some money to put a dent in his loans. At some point, however, Richie Furst (the writers of Ocean’s Thirteen didn’t try too hard in the naming department this time) discovers an apparent glitch in the system, which systematically robs players of miniscule amounts of money at a time.


Dismayed, Furst travels to meet Ivan Block and confront him about the cheat. In a surprise twist, which you can see coming from miles away, Block offers our humble protagonist a highly profitable gig, which could see him set for life. Soon enough, Richie finds himself in over his head and the, um, stuff starts hitting the fan. Yes, it might not be the most original trailer, but if you’re desperately in need of some JT screentime (who isn’t) you might want to check out the trailer below.

Watch the trailer for Runner, Runner

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Justin and Jessica at the US Open