Singer/actor/everyman Justin Timberlake is experiencing what could very well be his first-ever backlash after his explicit video for the track 'Tunnel Vision' caused a stir when it was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week. A few people weren't too bothered by the nude-lady-heavy video, after all it did come with a warning, but YouTube have been forced to step in and take the video down from their site. Don't worry though, you can still see the video online (and on this site too - you can see it below).

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Justin has to follow YouTube guidelines just like everyone else

The Google-owned video hosting site were forced to take the nudity-heavy video down from their site as it came into conflict with YouTube guidelines, which specifically states that any video with a gratuitous nature and heavy nudity will be taken down from the site. So even JT isn't above YouTube law, but as we all know the internet spreads much further than YouTube and the video is still very accessible.

"Check out the new video for Tunnel Vision and be's explicit. -teamJT," Justin wrote on his Twitter page this Wednesday (June 3), followed by a link to the YouTube page with his video. Since the video was taken down, the singer changed the link to one that leads to his official website, where the video is still streaming.

Watch the NSFW video for 'Tunnel Vision'

So what do you think? Is the video art or is it just plain rude, and unnecessarily so? Most of his fans are sticking up for the video as a form of artistic expression, but there are rumblings across the internet that JT was just using the video's content as a publicity stunt, a stunt that has clearly worked because people are still talking about the video intently. Whatever happens with the future of the video, we're pretty confident that it wont go on to harm Justin's career too much.

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What do you make of the video?